Fujian achieves breakthroughin LED technology

Issuing time:2016-08-18 15:30Author:Yang Ziman and Hu Meidong

Fujian province has seen the technological breakthrough of LED technologies for transparent fluorescent ceramic material that allows dense LED lights to concentrate on a small surface.

The technology has been co-developed by Research on the Structure of Matter (FJIRSM) and Fujian Zhongke Xinyuan Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd.

"With previous technologies, Chinese LED manufacturers were not able to produce large power LED," said Hong Moachun, academician at FJIRSM, "because when the light runs for more than 200 watts, the LED lights will produce too much heat on a small surface that could damage the light. Therefore, these LED lights are used only for ordinary lighting. "

The LED can run under 1,000 watts. The light is only slightly bigger than a small coin. The ceramic material has high thermal conductivity, temperature and corrosion resistance, and anti-thermal shock. It can be used on small light source and dissipates heat fast.

"Because of the technological barrier, more than 80 percent of the LED products produced by Chinese companies are used for lighting in public places and signal lights for transport. Very few are used in high end products such as automobile lights and large screens. China must break the barrier to achieve long-term growth in the industry," said Ye Shanghui, deputy manager of Fujian Zhongke Xinyuan Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd.

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