Fujian kilowatt LED appears to be leading the global led market

Issuing time:2016-08-01 08:50Author:陈丹妮

2016-08-01 08:50    fujian news   Author: dan-ni Chen

   on July 31 (Reporter Long Min Li-yuan Chen) the reporter get the news of FJIRSM and CAS-Ceramic, CASCeramic is industrialization platform of the FJIRSMSource developed the high level kilowatt COB fluorescent ceramic encapsulates technology, the super power COB light source to fill the gaps of LED outdoor lighting field, it be widely used in square, ports, airports, and other fields, energy saving rate is around 70%, less maintenance cost.


It is introduced that K - COB technology have four advantages: the technology support from Chinese academy of sciences, the core material of transparent phosphor ceramics, LED white light patent and low thermal resistance package structure patent, core unit to realize integration of field source module. At present, Chinese LED industry lack of effective patent protection, the export market face to patent barriers, seriously affect the industry competitiveness. If KCOB module took place of traditional LED, our LED industry will change the present situation.

Director of the development cooperation department of FJIRSM Zhang Yunfeng introduction COB light source of Ceramic, has become a battleground of each LED companies.COB Ceramic is known as the "king of the ceramic", in high quality, high performance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant.

2015,according to the information that, global lighting market is 161.63 billion dollars up 6.5% from2014.China's semiconductor lighting industry is worth 424.5 billion yuan, up 21% from 2014.

Is expected that within five years of continued to maintain high growth state, LED the market scale of annual compound growth rate will above 30%.
FJIRSM independent development of transparent fluorescent ceramic, it have the independent intellectual property, and corresponding for global patent from ceramic material sintering equipment, height confidential of formula, unique package process technology to package process of full chain technology . It sharply reduced LED production cost, improve Chinese international competitiveness.

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