LED lighting from indoor to outdoor--CAS-ceramic in Fujian published 1000-watt high power LED light

Issuing time:2016-07-19 11:10Author:王宏泽


(Reporter Gao Jianjin)

"LED lights will not only brighten your home but also illuminate your path. "The reporter learned from the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter(FJIRSM),, the original fluorescent ceramic YAG transparent white high-power LED packaging technology industrialization, solves the LED high power LED lighting technical problems. Early this year, after breakthrough 600W COB-encapsulation technology, on July 14, the 1000 high-power LED light source also released. Experts said that relying on this technology breakthrough, in the future, LED lighting will not only limited to the Indoor will also be expanded to roads, ports, ocean fishing, and other outdoor areas.

At present, the global LED industry with fluorescent glue as the primary packaging materials, patents are foreign owned. This technology has low thermal conductivity, easy aging and other shortcomings. Now, the highest power of the stable and reliable fluorescent plastic packaging   only up to 200W. In recent years, LED into household lighting field, but still no substitute for industrial lighting, port and other traditional power metal halide lamp lighting market.

According to the structure of matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Fujian CAS-Ceramic Ye Shanghui introduction, the team of structure of matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute research and development of YAG fluorescent ceramic material, CAS-ceramic possession of equipment, recipes, packaging process chain-wide technology ,independent intellectual property rights, and global patent. The material under the same conditions, can significantly improve the stability and reliability of LED, high power density package. Relying on this technology, CAS-Ceramic 600W COB has become the first production light source module manufacturers in the world. The 600W COB light source module is used in the Beijing training venue lighting of 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Ye Shanghui, said the research team successfully conquered 1000W light source module can alternative to traditional lighting.

According to the information, the use of high-power LED lighting products, power consumption and carbon emissions will be significantly reduced, the average energy saving rate is about 70%. In 2015, China's Semiconductor Lighting industry is 424.5 billion yuan,it grew 21% over 2014.It is expected to continue to maintain high growth in future 5years .However China's LED industry lack of effective patent protection, export market faces patent barriers, seriously affecting industrial competitiveness. The transparent fluorescent ceramic will help LED lighting into the new market of aviation, marine, docks, stadiums, It supplies reforms LED and traditional lighting industry.

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