Transparent fluorescent ceramic push high power LED light technology change

Issuing time:2016-07-16 08:42Author:刘拓拓


on July 14, CNR reporter ( Zhang zi ya ) get the news of the CAS-Ceramic k-COB Press conference , Fujian CAS-Ceramic Optoelectronics Technology co.,ltd.(referred to asCAS-Ceramic) has passed fluorescent material doped ceramic material caustic soda, as a new type of packaging materials, replace traditional fluorescent glue, realized the breakthrough of the LED technology.

Nowadays, LED is not a strange word, it has gradually replaced the metal halide, fluorescent, energy saving lamps and other traditional lighting . For traditional high power lighting, LED luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering index and other items restrictions, CAS-Ceramic kilowatt COB technology, breakthrough COB light source bottleneck,it fills the kilowatt COB module market.
According to information ,CAS-Ceramic 600w COB modules has replaced 2000 w metal halide lamp, applied to the Beijing training venue of 2018 Olympic winter games.

In this year of 618 Exhibition, we show the 1000w COB lighting many foreigners do not believe that the Chinese team conquer the 100w technology(618:The 14TH CHINA Cross-straits technology and project fair ).Ceramic compared with fluorescent material, ceramic is organic material with high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, good thermal shock;traditional fluorescent glue, thermal conductivity is poor, aging, will cause Lumens depreciation, and even damage light.Therefore, ceramic material replaces traditional fluorescent glue, as the LED packaging material, under the same condition, can make the LED products with high stability and high reliability.Further, the average energy saving rate is 70% after using the high-power led lighting products, carbon emissions will be significantly reduced, there will be great potential market in the future with high economic and social benefits.

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