CAS-Ceramic K-COB technology Come Out

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“Haixi Science and Technology Incubation Center” Founded by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fujian Haixi Institue , through many years of research, has developed the world's leading level large LED products. In view of this, on July 14, enterprises and entrepreneurs association of Fujian held fujian province CAS-Ceramic K - COB Press Conference in Fuzhou


“Phosphor powder COB LED light source has the bottleneck in above 100W power, so the application filed are limited. However, by our new material to replace phosphor powder, the power can be up to 1000W, expand the led lighting into high power market, such as industry, port, airport, etc.” Said Ye Shanghui, Fujian CAS-Ceramic Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD(CAS-Ceramic) deputy general manager and technical director

                      CAS-Ceramic deputy general manager and technical director  Ye Shanghui


CAS-Ceramic was founded by FJIRSM and Fujian Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Confederation. As the only platform of LED technology transfer and industrialization of FJIRSM, we got core patent of LED ceramic packaging

As the world's most focused new generation light source, LED own the advantages of high brightness, low heat, long life-span, non-toxic, recyclable, etc., known as the 21st century's most prospects of green lighting. Currently, the world has been initially formed three centers of the industrial in Asia, North America, Europe.

Chinese LED began in the 1970 s, after about 40 years of development, has been formed seven national semiconductor lighting project industrialization bases in Shanghai, dalian, nanchang, xiamen, shenzhen, yangzhou and shijiazhuang, And China has become the largest producer of lighting and the second largest exporter of electrical lighting in world.

Statistics show if 50% of the Chinese light source were replaced with LED, it would saving 210 billion KW·h every year, equivalent to 2.5 years generating capacity of Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station. And LED has unparalleled advantages in terms of life span, application flexibilityetc.

However, Chinese LED industry is still in the infant stage, comparing to global, especially the level of industrial technology is very lower than developed countries differ. In the past two years, with the economic downturn, the LED industry is very big impacted. According to the tendency of LED industry market, Chinese economy is likely to continue to dip for a year.

Recently two years, with LED market and technology developing, COB become the important strategy field, international famous companies attempt to seize most market by high quality high photosynthetic efficiency.

Lab. Of CAS-Ceramic


In this situation, Material innovation is to improved LED light source by transparent phosphor ceramic, breakthrough from material, with special technology and structure, created 1000W LED COB LED light source.

"This is a Chinese revolutionary breakthrough in the LED industry." Ye mentioned, “ from ceramic materials sintering equipment, highly confidential formula, unique to the encapsulation technology, CAS-Ceramic has achieved all technology, and own independent intellectual property rights, and applied the global patent in June.

It is introduced that K - COB technology have four advantages: the technology support from Chinese academy of sciences, the core material of transparent phosphor ceramics, LED white light patent and low thermal resistance package structure patent, core unit to realize integration of field source module.

And also, The CAS-Ceramic, based on the transparent phosphor ceramic materials and combined with the deeply researched related packaging technology, became the world's first manufacturer of 600W COB light source module, the second half of this year will be expected to developed 1000W and more power light source module, to realize completely replacement of traditional lighting.

It is worth mentioning that CAS-Ceramic of 600W COB light source module will be applied in 2018 Winter Olympics in Beijing training venue lighting, instead of 2000 w metal halide lamp.

Lab. Of CAS-Ceramic

"The future trend of outdoor light must be the combination of small size, high power LED, thoroughly on the path of light and the building integration."National level lighting designers Jiang Haiyang said,” At present, home and abroad are in the exploratory stage, LED market is prospect.”

Next step, CAS-Ceramic will enhance the cooperation with LED manufacturers and light fixture manufacturer, well versed in industry chain upstream and downstream, improve enterprises by new technology, strengthen our domestic LED industry.

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