World-Leading Phosphor Ceramic LED Lighting Technology, Kilowatt COB LED Light Source Birth in Fujia

Issuing time:2016-06-15 13:03

June 21st, Nomarch Yu Weiguo and executive vice nomarch Zhang Zhinan visited booth of Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences to see K-COB items in 618 Fair.

As the world's most focused new generation light source, LED own the advantages of high brightness, low heat, long life-span, non-toxic, recyclable, etc., known as the 21st century's most prospects of green lighting. Statistics show: If 50% of the Chinese light source were replaced with LED, it would saving 210 billion KW·h every year, equivalent to 2.5 years generating capacity of Three Gorges Hydroelectric Power Station. And with unparalleled advantages in terms of life span, application flexibilityetc, it will become development direction of lighting in future.

In the 14th China Cross-straits Technology and Projects Fair(618 Fair), Fujian CAS-Ceramic Optoelectronics Technology Co., LTD(CAS-C), belongs to Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences(FJIRSM), presented kilowatt LED light source K-COB, which attracted many companies attention.

July 14, we interviewed in FJIRSM. Commissioner Zhang Yunfeng of Institute Cooperation Development said: “In 618 Fair, K-COB was the biggest hit. And during Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, many of western companies show the much interesting in the technology. According to the currently literature, no factory can produce kilowatt COB”.

It is introduced that the core patents of LED are controlled by foreign Company at present, domestic company have to face to those patents when producing or selling LED products. Due to poor heat conductivity and easy ageing, the currently items loss lumens quickly, even failure. As the bottleneck of phosphor powder material, high power LED has the problems of difficulty thermal management and packaging material failure easily.  

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